3D Works


Fluid is a 3D video game made as a end-of-studies project within my Master degree.

Besides my other roles on the project, I've modeled and textured a few 3D assets for the "Warehouse" and "Datacenter" environments.

Modeling : Autodesk 3DS Max

PBR Painting : 3D-Coat

Rendering : Unity 5.6

Container transporter train


Industrial shelf

Wall-mounted loudspeaker

Rack server

Server closet

Monokuma's Investigation

Monokuma's Investigation is a realtime rendered short film featuring a lot of post-process effects.

For this school homework, we had to create an animation while making ourself all the 3D assets and using an already made music.

I've taken inspiration from the Danganronpa video game to animate the visit of a Monokuma inside an abandoned school in its quest to recover an artifact.

Unreal having a realistic realtime rendering, I've modeled most of the assets with a lot of detail and a high count of faces.

Modeling : Autodesk 3DS Max

PBR Painting : 3D-Coat

Rendering : Unreal Engine 4


Dr. Kuma can

Japanese school table