Fluid is a 3D video game made in team, as a end of studies' project.

Its originality is the mix of the dungeon crawler genre with an unique battle system based on the rhythm of the music.

The most of the development was made over a year and a half.


Michaël Hubert : Lead Developer, 3D Artist, UI Artist

Alexis Daniel : Lead Game designer, Storyteller, Level designer, Sound designer, developer

Rémi Pauchet : Lead 3D Artist, 3D Animator, Level designer, Mocap actor

IUSKID : Composer

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The genesis of the project began in early 2016, under the name of "Dungeon Crawler project - Fluid Mechanics".

The first proposal made to our school jury was about creating a randomly generated dungeon crawler, with a gameplay mixing the Kinect for attacks execution and the use of a Wiimote attached on the forearm to control the user interface, to propose an innovative play control.

Our team made 4 prototypes to try different gameplay variations : first or third person view, free or grid-based movement in battle, use of mana for skills execution...

The proposal being accepted by the school, we then had until the summer to prepare a more advanced new prototype that shall looks like what game we'd ideally want to have at the end.

Preview of the 4 first prototypes
"Vision" prototype : dungeon & battle

While these few months, the most of the work was the complete redefinition of the gameplay, following the feedbacks from the first prototypes.

The play control became more classical, by using a controller or the keyboard/mouse combo, and the idea of a battle system mixing turn-based and ATB was just found.

The new prototype had to show our ideal vision of the final game in terms of gameplay, graphics and music, which is why we were still allowed to use third-party assets. The game is now named "Fluid".

The back to school of September 2016 marks the beginning of the true game development with the pre-production phase.

This phase was the opportunity to take many decisions that would influence the rest of the year : new gameplay changes, choice of a graphic style, development of the game foundations, definition of a workflow for the 3D and 2D assets...

To showcase the evolutions of the game, we had to deliver in October 2016 a prototype version of the game containing only a test battle and a piece of environment modeled by ourselves.

"Game design" prototype
"Alpha" version

For the beginning of the game production phase, we focused on the 3D modeling of the first level and the creation of an all-new user interface for the battle system.

We've started to do many playtests since this phase to check if the players liked our gameplay. Our battle system being unique amongst any other game, it was often hard to understand : we then understood that a clear UI and lots of feedbacks were necessary.

The alpha version was finished on February 2017.

The game development keeps going, as much on its exploration side as on its battle side.

The first level begins to be complete gameplay-side : tutorial, exploration, traps, ennemies... and the battle system benefit is still having enhancements to be funnier.

The first-person view is greatly enhanced in battle thanks to the addition of motion capture animations that will dynamize the player and its different skills.

It's in March 2017 that the beta version was finished.

"Bêta" version
"Master" version

The most visible evolutions of the game are made in the last months before the deadline, thanks to a precise and iterative work on some details.

The UI is polished to be easier to use and prettier to look at, and pause menu as well as the game options are now available.

The battle system is finally complete, with some skills that would need to be unlocked by exploring the game levels, and which could also be made more powerful by using them often in battle.

Also, the first accessibility options are made available, with the choice of two fonts that enhances readability for dyslexics through all the game.

Finally, the game reach its first mater version in time for the deadline enforced by the school : the end of June 2017.